Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Here at IPE, we’ve hit an exciting milestone: the past 5 customers calling for service work said that they found us online!  Since we started to actively ask customers how they heard about… Continue reading

Social Media Integration

Marketing and Communications work is never finished!  That’s because every message must be backed up with integrated messaging on other channels. Built into every project I do is a timeline for creating connections… Continue reading

‘The Current’ Newsletter: Vol. 3 Issue 1

I am proud to introduce the latest issue of The Current Newsletter, a project I implemented for Illinois Prairie Electric, Inc.  Our mailing list has grown to about 600 recipients, and in the coming… Continue reading

Hitting the Books: Private French Lessons

This week, I have started taking french lessons again.  After minoring in French at Illinois State University, I would like to be ready to use the language in a professional setting when the… Continue reading

Co-branding Positions & Strategies

In the past 5 years, I’ve had a couple opportunities to co-brand some of our marketing material.  When we partered with Generac as a certified dealer, and also when we became an ActOnEnergy… Continue reading

Community Fundraising

I recently had an opportunity to volunteer my services to benefit someone in our local community who is struggling with medical costs.  A quilt was made, and I was asked to design some… Continue reading

In Vivo: Humanities, Sciences, and Ecologies

I am excited to begin a new project, In Vivo: Humanities, Sciences, & Ecologies!   So, the biggest question I’ve gotten lately is, “Why this project, and why now?”  I’ve been interested in publishing… Continue reading

Christmas Cards for IPE

I’ve just gotten an early start on the IPE Christmas cards that will be hand delivered and mailed early in December.  The first step was to carefully cost out a few different options… Continue reading

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Today was Customer Satisfaction Survey Day!  A nice pile of paid invoices has built up in my file over the past two weeks, so it was time to enter their names and addresses… Continue reading

Learning About Adobe Premier Pro CS4/Windows Movie Maker

Yesterday I was sitting happily at my desk, getting ready to open the mail.  Suddenly, my boss came in and said, “We need a video.  It will be about the electrical disconnects, fire… Continue reading

Extracurricular Design Adventures

I recently had the opportunity to design two party invitations.  It was a lot of fun to experiment with different fonts and colors.  Both invitations use western-themed fonts: Calamity Jane and Playbill.  My… Continue reading

Reflections on Facebook after 2 Years

A few years after starting a company Facebook page for Illinois Prairie Electric, I’ve learned one very important lesson: Quality service and positive community interactions in the real world drive traffic more than any… Continue reading

Budget Breakdown

  During the last few years of economic recession, I have seen the company’s advertising budget diminish substantially.  However, when I began working at IPE in 2008, one of the first things I… Continue reading

IPE Coupons

We recently ran out of our coupons here at Illinois Prairie Electric, and it seems like a good time to reflect on their effectiveness.  A year-and-a-half ago, these were one of the first… Continue reading

‘The Current’ Newsletter, Vol. 1 Issue 2

The Current newsletter from Illinois Prairie Electric, Inc. is now available! Since our first issue, I’ve been working on building our mailing list with contacts that were largely already available around the office.… Continue reading

‘The Current’ Newsletter, Vol.1 Issue 1

I am proud to introduce Volume 1, Issue 1 of The Current Newsletter for Illinois Prairie Electric, Inc.  The purpose of this publication will be to highlight company events and promotions, new products,… Continue reading

BCPA Playbill Ad

I just made an ad to be included in the Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts playbill. 

Teaching Philosophy

What follows is a collection of belief statements and pledges I have made concerning my teaching.  This statement was first developed in 2010. I am a teacher-scholar who values continual exploration and revision—not… Continue reading

Breaking News: Conference Presentation Connects to Kristina’s Teaching Philosophy

At my very first conference presentation, (There is more information about it here:, one of the questions posed to my panel asked how Ecotheory and Justice could be implemented in the teaching… Continue reading

(Human) Nature: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Ecotheory and Justice

On December 3rd, 2010, our ENG 495 Ecocriticism class put on a conference entitled (Human) Nature: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Ecotheory and Justice at the Center for Visual Arts at Illinois State University. … Continue reading