Learning About Adobe Premier Pro CS4/Windows Movie Maker

Yesterday I was sitting happily at my desk, getting ready to open the mail.  Suddenly, my boss came in and said, “We need a video.  It will be about the electrical disconnects, fire alarm information, and how to adjust the occupancy sensors in the grade school project we just finished.  It will be about 30 minutes long.  And you’re coming with us tomorrow afternoon to shoot the video.”  I said, “Of course I’ll do it, but you must know…I have never produced a video before, but I will learn the software and I will make you an excellent training video!” 

Can I even admit my inexperience on my professional blog?!  It feels right to say it, because I’m so EXCITED to be learning something new!  I went home giddy last night, and watched oodles of videos on Premier Pro, like this one: http://vimeo.com/4254219.  Since this project is really on the cutting edge of my professional development, I’ll be checking in here regularly to share my progress.   

Before going up to shoot video this afternoon, I’ll be making an introductory slide with a title and the IPE logo in Photoshop to be imported into Premier. 

Wish me luck! 



Update:  This project turned out great, but not in the way I expected.  I’ll admit that Premier Pro has some amazing features and capabilities, but after struggling with it for a few days, I downloaded Windows Movie Maker and went to town!  Movie Maker gave me great looking results in a fraction of the time, keeping the costs of the video low while providing something really nice to our client.  Thank you, Windows Movie Maker, for saving my day!        –Kristina