In Vivo: Humanities, Sciences, and Ecologies

I am excited to begin a new project, In Vivo: Humanities, Sciences, & Ecologies!  

So, the biggest question I’ve gotten lately is, “Why this project, and why now?”  I’ve been interested in publishing since college, and I enjoy a number of really wonderful publications: Orion, the Wapsipinicon Almanac, and so many local zines of art, poetry, and stories.  A few years ago, I encountered Donna Haraway’s work on situated knowledges, and it’s taken a few years for it to sink in.

Basically, I’m interested in the ways in which technological innovations make it possible for each of us to become involved in the creation of cultural artifacts.  Print-on-demand resources and online publication strategies make it possible to publish and distribute a magazine like In Vivo at a much lower cost.  The mission of the magazine is to connect writers and artists around the world who are working on issues


of environmental and social justice.  Zero advertising, just great writing and art focused on our world’s most pressing issues.  My vision is that it could become a resource for classrooms.

I am thoroughly enjoying networking with writers and artists, designing promotional materials, and investigating options for publication.

If you’re interested in more information, please contact me here at my professional blog, the magazine email:, or on Facebook at