Reflections on Facebook after 2 Years

A few years after starting a company Facebook page for Illinois Prairie Electric, I’ve learned one very important lesson: Quality service and positive community interactions in the real world drive traffic more than any online gimmick or giveaway ever could. 

Over the months, I’ve been watching the strategies of one of our competitors pretty closely.  They employ non-union workers, so they have a lot of extra cash to spend on advertising.  They’ve got a cartoon character mascot, and they give away concert and sports tickets on their Facebook page to drive traffic.  I admit it–at first I was jealous.  But what kind of traffic does our company Facebook page want to have?  Should it be related to the work that we do and the products and services we offer?  Should it relate to our service to the community, or should we spend a lot of dough on iPads and concert tickets to give away? 

About a month ago, Illinois Prairie Electric, Inc. did a really nice thing for one person.  We do nice things every day, but this person happened to be on Facebook.  They found us there, and posted a thank you message on our wall.  50 other people in this person’s family and friends saw that message, and many of them Liked it.  We got a card in the mail, too.  Our Facebook Analytics graphs shot through the roof for a few days, and we didn’t give an iPad away.  We just provided good service and built a good relationship with one customer–and all their family and friends! 

I guess this has lead to my personal social media philosophy.  People don’t really want gimmicks.  At least not from Illinois Prairie Electric.  They want good services and they appreciate our generosity with our time and resources.