Work Experience

Illinois Prairie Electric, Inc.                         June 2008—Present               Marketing & Communications           

            Bloomington, IL

  • Developed and implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy for the company focused on increasing market share and raising positive brand awareness in targeted audiences.
    • Designs and writes content for the company website, Facebook page, blog, The Current newsletter, product informational sheets, promotional folders, and flyers.
    • Implemented a customer satisfaction survey program by compiling a mailing list of all residential and commercial customers and mailing a survey with return envelope after a project has been completed for them.
    • Designs, prints, and distributes coupons, brochures, and flyers using Adobe CS4: Indesign, Photoshop and Microsoft Office to build brand and engage potential and existing customers.
    • Coordinates advertising opportunities in community publications, sports venues, etc., by designing copy and submitting it to the appropriate organization.
    • Films and edits videos for training customers on newly installed electrical equipment and systems.
    • Manages IPE advertising budget quarterly and yearly.  Presents periodic budgetary reports with visual graphs or charts to company partners.  Successfully reduced the advertising budget by 50% while maintaining important advertising projects.  Shifted project strategies to accommodate reduction in budget.
  • Applies for ActOnEnergy grants and rebates on behalf of clients to help fund facility upgrades.
  • Built spreadsheets for estimating final costs of completed projects.  Trained office assistant in updating and adding to this file.
  • Evaluates incoming projects and specifications.  Conducts research and compiles files with plans, spec books, contacts, and other pertinent information.
  • Maintains and updates a list of upcoming projects out for bid for quick review by stakeholders.
  • Schedules pre-bid meetings, bid due dates, and other projects on shared Outlook calendar.
  • Types, prepares, and emails bid documents, estimates, and proposals to customers for new projects.  Communicates with customers and team on scheduling the work.
  • Prepares incoming checks for deposit and delivers funds to the bank.
  • Streamlined system to credit payments to Accounts Receivable and compile income spreadsheets.  Creates new invoices using QuickBooks Pro.
  • Confirms amounts on Lien Waivers with contracts and notarizes, and sends them back to issuing company.
  • Improved the calculation of monthly payroll reports for union contributions to pensions and trust funds by creating automatic Excel spreadsheets and using online reporting systems.  Successfully trained office assistant in this task.
  • Streamlined payroll calculation by implemented automatic Excel formulas.  Successfully trained office assistant in this task.
  • Built an IT-based checkbook register to improve the accuracy and speed of balancing business checking accounts.  Trained associates in the use of new IT-based checkbook register.
  • Created a spreadsheet to track Accounts Payables by their due dates, and budget for weekly expenses.  Issues checks for Accounts Payables weekly.
  • Transfers funds from company lines of credit to cover weekly expenses and makes weekly line of credit payments.

In Vivo Magazine                                          January 2013—Present                     Founding Editor        

  • Co-founder and editor of In Vivo: Humanites, Sciences, & Ecologies.
  • Conducts research on and networks with writers and artists to solicit quality submissions.
  • Reviews submissions and provides feedback to authors.
  • Partners with community organizations and publications to foster cross-pollination.
  • Designs and distributes promotional materials at community events.
  • Creates and modifies InDesign documents for magazine layout.

Illinois State University                                             Aug. 2009—Dec. 2010           Graduate Assistant

            Normal, IL

  • Assisted students with writing and research at the Julia N. Visor Academic Center, specializing in visual, tactile, and verbal teaching strategies for writing.
  • Assessed each tutee client’s learning strategies and strengths.
  • Taught multiple courses on writing for the university setting.  Graded student work based on University Writing Program standards.
  • Planned and implemented classroom experiences for English 101 students with co-instructor and independently.  Created worksheets, posters, and activities for classroom use.
  • Implemented the use of Blackboard and other web-based software for student interactions and course assignments.


Heartland Community College                                Sept. 2008—May 2009           ESL Master Tutor      

            Normal, IL

  • Prepared materials and booklets on grammar, spelling, and writing for student use in the Academic English Language Program.
  • Assisted ESL students of diverse backgrounds and ages in a computer language lab and in classrooms.
  • Lead classroom activities teaching grammar, reading, and writing skills.

Bloomington Public Library                                    June 2008—Dec. 2008           Circulations Assistant

Bloomington, IL

  • Assisted library patrons in locating and checking out library materials at circulation desk.
  • Assisted library patrons in resolving issues with their account.
  • Checked in, organized, and shelved materials as they were brought back to the library.

Dalkey Archive Press                                                July 2006—Dec. 2006            Office Assistant

Normal, IL

  • Organized and catalogued pallets of books in the storage warehouse for easy access.
  • Filled and shipped large library orders and small individual orders.
  • Proofread manuscripts and letters.

International Order of the Rainbow for Girls (IORG)     1997—2005               Member and State Officer

Bloomington, IL

  • Participated in this organization as a regular member starting in 1997 by raising money for charity, doing community service, and later mentoring new members.
  • Elected to serve as statewide Vice President in 2003 and served as President 2004—2005.
  • Planned fundraising events for various charities including the Special Olympics.
  • Coordinated membership development events throughout the state of Illinois.
  • Planned statewide meetings and banquets for up to 300 attendees.
  • Garnered support from parallel organizations for fundraising and membership goals.
  • Traveled around the state of Illinois to visit each local chapter, speaking at local and state events.
  • Traveled to other states to represent Illinois assemblies.
  • Participated in the international convention.
  • Wrote monthly newsletter articles on membership and organizational development for the Illinois newsletter.