IPE Coupons

We recently ran out of our coupons here at Illinois Prairie Electric, and it seems like a good time to reflect on their effectiveness.  A year-and-a-half ago, these were one of the first items I designed and printed here at IPE.  We didn’t have a fancy Lanier machine–just a fax machine that doubled as a scanner and copier.  My desk was a card table out in the warehouse–oh, the memories!  I was also just becoming acquainted with Adobe CS4, so a when a disk of design ideas and guidelines arrived from Generac to help us sell their standby generators, it was a real help. 

Generac is very specific about how they want their brand to appear.  They specified the main color scheme to be used, fonts, and font sizes, and even logo size and placement.  After making the coupon for Generac Generators, I made a companion coupon for general electrical work from Illinois Prairie Electric, substituting our logo, and color scheme. 

A year later, I’m happy with the way we used these coupons.  They were slipped into envelopes with our invoices and other correspondence, added to promotional folders, and also included in the company newsletter, The Current.  What would I change in the future?  I think that these should morph into simply envelope-sized informational flyers with no discounts listed.  Only a small percentage of our customers have been interested in these discounts.  Instead, they seem to value the quality of IPE’s service, the courteous and responsible behavior of our electricians, and, most importantly, tend to view our current rates as reasonable.