Community Fundraising

I recently had an opportunity to volunteer my services to benefit someone in our local community who is struggling with medical costs.  A quilt was made, and I was asked to design some numbered raffle tickets to be sold leading up to and during the benefit event.

Quilt raffles have always been a big part of the community I grew up in.  For me, the metaphors of stitches and colorful fabrics evokes this imagery of people gathering together to make something beautiful, useful, and warm.

To make these tickets, I took some photos of the quilt to use as the document’s background and made transparent white overlay boxes in which to place the text.  So far, people buying tickets have said, “This is the actual quilt!” and they have used their end of the ticket stub to show others what the prize looks like.

This volunteer project has made me think about the suite of marketing materials that could be produced for the benefit they are holding: tickets, posters, banners, press releases, a Facebook page, and maybe even a website where raffle tickets can be purchased online.  As they talk more about the benefit, maybe some of these ideas might be helpful to them, but at this stage, I am just happy I could help with their efforts thus far.

Finally, here are a few technical details about the project.  It was printed on our office’s Lanier machine (IPE graciously donated paper and printing for the effort) on 110lb cardstock.  As I’ve found before, printing things like this in the office costs much, much less than outside printing.  The image was cropped and sized in Photoshop before being transferred over to Publisher for adding text and numbering.  A word to the wise: I have found that adding transparent overlays to images is much better in Photoshop; the overlay rectangle function in Microsoft Publisher produces grainy results.

Are you interested in ordering a raffle ticket for this beautiful quilt?  More photos can be found on In Vivo Magazine’s Facebook page at, or you can use the contact information on the ticket. Even if you’re not located in Illinois, I understand that your tickets will be mailed to you for free.