Christmas Cards for IPE

I’ve just gotten an early start on the IPE Christmas cards that will be hand delivered and mailed early in December.  The first step was to carefully cost out a few different options to see which would be the most aesthetically pleasing at the most reasonable cost. 

In the below screen shot, the first consideration in each option are printing costs.  Sending the cards out for printing would cost .57/ea (including paper), while using our fairly powerful Lanier machine here at the office will only cost .08 for printing and .02 for paper!  This will involve trimming them myself for the full bleed, but I don’t mind a little labor to save almost .50 per card. 


After adding up the updated lists, we’ll be sending out about 580 holiday cards this year.  Holiday cards available for purchase ranged from 1.80 to 2.00 each–not including postage.  Ours will cost about .72 each including postage. 

I think this project has been so satisfying because it’s a chance to really be creative and make something impressive using limited resources.