‘The Current’ Newsletter, Vol. 1 Issue 2

The Current newsletter from Illinois Prairie Electric, Inc. is now available!

Since our first issue, I’ve been working on building our mailing list with contacts that were largely already available around the office.  Every time a check came in to Accounts Receivable, I enter that customer’s name and contact information into my database.  Recent bid invitations, proposals, and Accounts Payable have also yielded a robust list of our potential clients and other organizations we currently do work with.  Many times, there is a wealth of useful information in an organization that is just waiting to be put to good use.

I have also started a blog for IPE at http://www.illinoisprairieelectric.wordpress.com.  Here, I will recycle content from our print newsletter.  Posting an article on a blog also makes it much easier to share it on social media platforms like Facebook or link to them from email.

Overall, I am hoping that these newsletters can help build IPE’s ethos of industry expertise and good will.

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