‘The Current’ Newsletter: Vol. 3 Issue 1

I am proud to introduce the latest issue of The Current Newsletter, a project I implemented for Illinois Prairie Electric, Inc.  Our mailing list has grown to about 600 recipients, and in the coming weeks I will be integrating the newsletter’s content into the company’s online blog and Facebook page.

The greatest success of this newsletter is that I reached out to some local organizations in order to aggregate compelling content.  For example, a tool library was recently started by an IWU student, and he was all to happy to let me share information about his project with our audiences.  It works especially well because The Tool Library shares an important goal with Illinois Prairie Electric: home improvement leading to better living.  At a conference presentation on newsletters I attended a few years ago, the presenter emphasized using a ratio of 80% useful, compelling information and 20% product information and sales material.  The most important thing this newsletter accomplishes is continuing a conversation with our existing and prospective customers who want to know about our environmental commitment, safety programs, and a few new products and services along the way.

So would you like to read these exciting articles on bicycle safety, local wildflowers, and office space lighting of the future?  How could I give them all away here?  Online versions will be posted to IPE’s blog and publicized at their Facebook page, so feel free to check them out there.  Better yet, if you would like to receive a nice printed copy or PDF version of The Current, message me your name and address at KristinaLGaddy at Gmail dot com and I’ll send some your way.