Extracurricular Design Adventures

I recently had the opportunity to design two party invitations.  It was a lot of fun to experiment with different fonts and colors.  Both invitations use western-themed fonts: Calamity Jane and Playbill. 

My favorite part of this birthday invitation has got to be the roses.  In fact, they took the most amount of time.  I found them on a piece of vintage wallpaper found by The Graphics Fairy at www.graphicsfairy.blogspot.com, and extracted the rose grouping and the individual rose from the pattern. 

Looking back, there is a lot I would do differently.  Some of the Calamity Jane font on the birthday invitation needs to be bolded to stand out more, and I wonder if a shadow behind the Playbill font would help, too.  I was also surprised to see the difference in print quality between our Lanier machine in the office and the professional printer.  At various stages of production, I printed drafts on our Lanier machine, and the smooth cardstock I had on hand gave them a great rustic feel.  But was I willing to trim all of these by hand after printing?  Not quite. The product from the pro’s had slightly different colors, and the finish was just a little different than what I hoped for. 

At any rate, the hostess was happy and I learned a little more about Adobe CS4!